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Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

Spelling is just a fact of life,  no matter if you are 6 or 66. 

A spelling tool that I come back to again and again is this Spelling Analysis resource.  

What's great about this freebie is that it can be used with any spelling list and any grade level.

It only takes three very simple steps to look at your kiddos' spelling mistakes and be able to plan for better instruction.

Here is a sample of an completed Spelling Analysis form.  You will be looking closely at your student's spelling errors so that you can plan your instruction and interventions.

The class results form below helps me to put all the spelling data into perspective.  At this point, I start asking my self questions:
  • Who is lacking grade level skills?
  • Which students could work together on skills?
  • Which students are above grade level?
  • Who is in need of immediate intervention?

To download your 
freebie and read more about how you can best analyze your student's spelling errors, 
please click here, or on the picture to the right. 

Best wishes!

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