Free Bookmarks!

Do your students go through bookmarks like crazy??  What is it about bookmarks that they don't last with kids?  I'd like to think that they wear them out because of all the reading they are doing!  :)

I usually can't keep up with the demand in my room and will resort to cutting scraps of leftover construction paper for them to use.  I'm not always fancy about things like that in my classroom.  (Shhh - don't tell anyone!)

Once in a while though, I like to get a real bookmark into their hands.  I try to find ones that they will like in hopes that they will last longer.  I created these for my class and so far they've been a hit with most kids:
CLICK HERE to get your free copy!
  They especially like the "Don't Bug Me, I'm Reading" one and the Pirate bookmark.  Can't go wrong with pirates!

Enjoy the set of bookmarks!  I've included a mostly black and white version too for those of you that don't like to print on colored card-stock to save ink.

Till next time,

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