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Here in Georgia, I think I can speak for a lot of us to say, "We are READY for autumn weather!" We got a little taste of it this past week and it was wonderful!! Our temperatures are not cold yet, but it definitely was a little cooler. Well, feeling that awesome crisp autumn air I think would put any teacher in the mood for some fun apple activities to do in the classroom. Since yesterday (Sept. 26th) was Johnny Appleseed Day, I planned some apple rotations in my morning schedule. This special day fell on Friday this year which makes it a great time for me to incorporate some special learning activities into my planning. With this only being my second year in kindergarten, my archived apple graphing activities were geared more for 1st and 2nd grades. Which were the other grades I've taught in the past. So I thought that this is the year I needed to revamp my Favorite Apple Graphing activity. Kindergarten introduces graphing using picture graphs, so I wanted to do that for the graphing part.
Before Friday, I found some wonderful apples at my local Walmart. In fact, I couldn't believe what a wonderful variety of apples Walmart had. I felt that I gone to an apple orchard around north Georgia when I saw all the beautiful apples for sale! I got a couple of Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples. And I have to tell you, I bought a bag of Sweet Tempo apples (yep!! Me too!! I've never heard of those before! But they were YUMMY!!) to make some applesauce in class.
Then, in the apple graphing rotation, the students had an opportunity to sample a slice of each type of apple. Then, I had them decide which was their favorite. Next, they took the response sheet and wrote the color word to complete the sentence and then colored the apple the correct color and drew a picture of themselves next to the apple. Here's an example of a completed response sheet:

 Well.....I wanted to go on and graph the results by having the students take a die cut apple and glue in the correct spot on the graph, however, I simply ran out of time! Do you do that? I overplan all the time and then have to complete the lesson the next day. So that is what I'll do. We will just complete the graph on Monday and then I'll have my sweet kinder cubs verbally interpret the results and complete another response sheet I created! Here is an example of the response sheet I will use:

I want you to have the opportunity to do an apple graphing activity for your kinders. So just click the cover to my freebie at the beginning of this post, download and enjoy!! I hope you can use it, too!
Happy fall, yall!!

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