Who Doesn't Love play dough?

Hi - I'm Amy from Teaching in Blue Jeans and I am excited to be sharing with you on Classroom Freebies Too.  I teach kindergarten and one of my very first goals of the year is to start developing a love for learning in my students.  So what better way to do that than with a tool that the students are already familiar with - play dough!  Don't get me started on all the great sensory and fine motor benefits of play dough.  I love incorporating it into lessons and activities any time I can.

Today I want to share these sight word play dough mats.  Your kids will love creating letters and words that they won't even realize they are learning too!

 All you need to do is print out the mats and laminate them.  Then leave them in a center with some play dough.  Your students will love using the play dough to build the words.  Mine sure did!

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