FREEBIE! Tiered Writing Checklist Bookmarks

As you set up a writing centre or plan your writer's workshop, consider using this package of bookmarks with your students. The bookmarks are tiered to meet the different learning needs of the students in your class. Students come to us at different stages in their writing development. Consider each student and determine which writing checklist bookmark is appropriate for that student. The bookmarks are provided in colour and in black and white to reduce copying costs.


Use the bookmarks as a reference tool for students or as a checklist when handing in their assignments. Copy the coloured bookmarks onto card stock and laminate for continual use. Photocopy the black and white bookmarks on regular paper and have students use the bookmark as a checklist and then attach to their piece of writing.

I hope you find a use for the writing checklist bookmarks in your classroom.

Until next time ….

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