FREE Playdough Mats and Puppets Set

Do your students love playdough?  I know mine do!

But to keep it interesting (and to encourage different kinds of play), I need to frequently change the "props" at the table.

I created a set of playdough mats that I use in both fall and spring that my class loves.

My Farm Garden Playdough Mats and Puppets  encourage creating a variety of shapes and engaging in some fun dramatic play with the use of the puppets.  

For all of you teachers heading back to school this week (and for those of you who are already in the thick of it!) I'd love to offer you this 9 page colour set for FREE! 

You may need a little something to get through those first few hairy weeks! :O 

Just click {here} or on the image below to get it! 

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