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The Scientific Method


A short time ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Professional Development training, for pay during the summer,  on Microsoft Power Point and Excel.  Although I have used both of these programs for years, I wanted to check-in to see if there was something that I could use to help make my presentations  a little "bigger" and a little "better".    After all, we as educators are ALWAYS searching for ways to improve our “game” and we love learning.  
We are nothing less than addicted to it.

The focus of the Power Point session was to create a "nonlinear" presentation.  One that puts the students in charge of learning and gives them the freedom to explore and engage at their own pace and pleasure.  I created this Scientific Method presentation to do just that. This may be used as a computer activity or a whole group presentation.  Click the picture below if you would like to use it, enjoy.  

The Scientific Method project is listed for free on 
Teachers Pay Teachers. 

 Click here if you would like to use it and I hope it is helpful to you and your up and coming Scientists. 

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