Strengthening the Cognitive Skills Needed for Reading: Free Sample Activities

Many young learners struggle with reading, because they have weak cognitive processing skills. Trying to learn to read on a weak foundation, can be both discouraging and disempowering.  As a result, these kids need to strengthen weak areas of cognition before they jump into the long process of decoding text.

What Kinds of Cognitive Weaknesses Impact a Child's Ability to Read?

  • Their eyes may have trouble scanning from left to right. 
  • They may have poor visual processing skills.
  • They may struggle with understanding auditory information.
  • They may have limited visual and auditory memory skills.
  • They may experience sequential difficulties such as word reversals.
What Can You Do to Help Strengthen their Brains?

I offer free sample activities that can be used to assist your struggling learners.  The activities were designed to be fun and engaging, so that students can have fun developing basic skills while getting excited about the learning process. 

Click Here to get your free sample copy.


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