Hunt for Missing Addends

This is a great time of year for an egg hunt.  Of course it doesn't have to be an Easter Egg Hunt...but it could be. 

I took some small eggs and a basket and made this recording sheet and math talk page for my centers this week and next. 

All you have to do is give your students the number of eggs you want them to work with (differentiation built right in) and let one of them hide some in the basket.  The others have to guess how many are hiding after they count how many they can still see.  My kids love this game!

If I can find some plastic brown eggs, or chicken eggs I can continue this right into my farm unit.  Or maybe I will have to get the golden eggs I saw and now we are doing The Goose That Lays a Golden Egg.

Have fun this week hunting for eggs and smile knowing that you are doing common core too.

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