Figurative Language Reference Sheet

Here's a quick review or reference sheet for students to use during a poetry unit.  I love teaching poetry and love to give the kids a chance to make up their own examples of figurative language and poetry terms. 

Often, I give out 4-5 whiteboard pens to the students and ask them to write an example of a specific type of figurative language on the board.  When each student is done they must pass the pen to another student... we end up with a mish mash of funny and creative examples on the board.  I go over each one (I can always find something positive to say about the example) and the kids love to see what their classmates have come up with. As well, because there's so much buzz in the room, the kids feel safe coming up to the board - nobody's watching them as there's too much going on.

Happy Spring to you all!


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