The Vowel Game

Here is a fun game to play for giving children practice in identifying the vowel in a CVC word.  Here's how I play it whether it is in a large group or small group of children:
  • Each child is given a laminated strip of vowels and a clothespin.  
  • I say a CVC word like "dog."   
  • The children listen and then put their clothespin on the vowel they hear in the CVC word.
TIP: You can have the children hold up their strips and you can quickly check and see who is "getting it."  It is so fun to watch the intensity of sounding out as they try to figure out what vowel they are hearing.  Debates can erupt over is it an "i" or "e."

I have found so many teachable moments while playing this game!

Click on image to download or go HERE.

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