Clip Art Comparisons and Teachers Pay Teachers

By Victoria Leon

Do you need clip art for your classroom lessons or if you are marketing your lessons at  If so, you have to be really careful about understanding the various Terms of Use for each clip art company.  I have created a free product, "Clip Art Comparisons and Teachers Pay Teachers."  Representatives from clip art companies have responded to 14 questions in plain simple English.  

Each month, I will showcase one of the clip art companies at Classroom Freebies Too.  This month’s clip art company is Loreen Leedy.  

What is the name of your company?
I'm a children's book author-illustrator and simply use my name, Loreen Leedy.

What is your company’s URL address?
My clip art is currently sold on my Teachers Pay Teachers store: 

Will teachers be able to use your graphics to sell products over the Internet?

Will teachers be able to use your graphics to sell their paid products and free products?

How much does it cost to use your graphics?
The prices are $3-4 per package.

Will teachers need to purchase any other license to use your product?

Do you provide free graphics?
There is a free sample in the Preview of each product, or a sample is posted as a separate free product.

Will teachers need to use your graphics only in PDF form or will the buyers of the products be able to edit the pages that have your graphics on them?
My clip art is sold as PNG files (with transparent backgrounds) that can be used in flattened files such as a PDF or in a priced presentation (more info is in the Terms of Use.)

Will teachers need to write your company’s name or give you credit somewhere in the product? If so, do you have an example of the exact wording you would like teachers to use?
Credit is required, more info is in the Terms of Use which are fairly simple.

Do you have any other comments?
Thank you for including me, Victoria! 

Do you have any contact numbers or addresses?


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