New Planning resource

I haven't published anything new in a while on this website and I apologize for that...I have no real reason except that I have been busy writing and reflecting about existing ideas and have not created anything in a while.  Blame that on trying to teach full time, I guess!!!  Any way...I am excited about my newest creation that is available for FREE on my website. 

Have you ever thought about the time you waste teaching vocabulary in isolated skills and chunks? Several years ago I began teaching my vocabulary in a more purposeful manner...think about how babies learn new words...they learn them through experiences.  That's exactly how our students need to learn new vocabulary words.  And so, I began infusing vocabulary instruction into my content areas. 

Today, I have created a planning guide - not only for science, but for math and social studies as well.  I have also brainstormed 20 tried and true methods of insuring that I am using best practices in my teaching approach to vocabulary in the content area. 

If you come over to my blog, ScienceGal, you can download it for FREE!!!  You can also read more information about how I use the guide to help plan my instruction.  I hope you will visit Science Gal  today!


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