Math Mat Activities for Fractions and Decimals!

Hi guys!  The Math Penguin here...I've got a cool new freebie for you in celebration of the start of my new blog.  I've got 7 freebies for you this week, so be sure to stop by everyday!
 I am so excited to share these math mat activities you can use with your students in small group or whole class!  This can be a quick formative assessment or a more engaging way to practice math...or BOTH!


For the Comparing Fractions Math Mat, you can ask students to show you a fraction that is greater than ¾.  Then students use their number cards and greater than sign on their work mat.  There are two work areas so you can give two problems at one time if you choose.

In the File
There are 4 math mats, number cards, examples, and ideas for use!
Math Mats: Comparing Fractions, Ordering Fractions, Comparing and Ordering Decimals, and Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers

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