The Butter Chant!

Friends~Next week we will be reenacting the journey on the Mayflower in class and also making homemade butter.  Our rules about cooking in the classroom are pretty limited now so I am going with butter & bread.  I love making butter the good old fashion way with my class!  I start with the following ingredients:
Whipping Cream
Small Glad Bowls-with lids
Sandwich Bags
Directions: I pour the cream into the bowls about half full.  I add the lids and put the table numbers on the sides.  I then place each bowl into a plastic bag.  I demonstrate with my class how to hold the bowls.  Thumb on top and hand on the bottom.  I show them how to shake the bowls up and down at a very rapid speed to begin churning the butter.
Best of all...I teach the the chant below!  Give the image a click to head to my blog to download!

My students begin shaking the bowls and they sing this chant.  When the chant ends they pass it to the next student at their table.  I am not kidding when I say making butter with your class is like a magic show.  You should see how competitive they get about who will get butter first.

This year I am going with bread machines while we are journeying on the Mayflower. After we will make our butter and put it in the frig to chill.  Then at the end of the day we will enjoy homemade bread and butter with a fun Thanksgiving movie.

Try it with your class, you won't be disappointed!

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