Graphing Sight Word Activity

I don't know about you but sometimes I open a drawer or open a box and I find school stuff that I forgot I had. Well, before school started this year I did away with a bookshelf and I organized some games. I found a Sight Word Bingo game that I got a few years ago from Scholastic. I'd only played the game once or twice and it got put away. When I saw the dice that came with it they screamed WORD WORK to me. I promise...screaming dice! lol I made these boards for my kiddos to use during word work. They'll roll the die and graph what they rolled.

If you don't have sight word dice, or blank dice, or blank cubes, no biggie. I have used regular dice for other games. Just put stickers over the dots (think yard sale stickers) and write your words on them. You could even type the words up and cut them like flash cards and they can draw them out of a box and graph the results.

Many possibilities and I included a blank template so you can personalize it.

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