SMART Board Background

Hey Everyone -

I know that some of you have already started school, but here in upstate NY, we are starting on Wednesday!  So, I have a Back to School Freebie for ya.

Do you have a SMART Board?? Love it ... but wish that there were cuter backgrounds. Well, I do! I think there must be something ingrained in an elementary school teacher to want to "cutesify" everything. I know that I just can't help it!

So, here is a background for all of you lucky enough to have a SMART board in your room. Click below on the picture and pick up the  SMART Notebook file at my TpT store. There are two backgrounds. One with the words "Looking forward to a bright year ahead" and another without those words. That way, even if you have already had your first day of school, you can start next week off with a fun background too.

Won't it be perfect for a morning message?? Welcome back to school everyone!

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