How Many? Quick & Easy Math Activity!

Thank goodness for this 3rd day - I'm still prepping all my materials!
I'm differentiating the general education lesson plans and the math objectives for tomorrow are:
SWBAT count to 30. SWBAT locate points on a number line to 30. SWBAT use 1:1 correspondence counting objects 1-30. SWBAT represent groups of objects up to 30 using the written numeral.

I will be supporting students whole group for the majority of the lesson, but also put together these simple counting bags for extra practice!

Hop over to my blog to pick up the half-page recording sheet!
(Scroll down to the UPDATE)

Very simple & easy (& quiet!).
I'm still getting to know my students & curious to see how they do with numbers up to 30!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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