Sunflower Journals Back to School Freebie

Are you wanting to start your year off with positive, happy students who are able to find gratitude moments in day to day life? Then why not have them keep a Sunflower Journal?

Sunflower Journals are a form of gratitude journal aimed specifically at students in the junior grades. The writing prompts encourage students to think about the joyful, positive events they experience and feelings they have. Teaching children to focus on the positive in their lives helps them to develop a more grateful outlook and encourages them to treat others with the same positivity, joyfulness and respect.

This Sunflower Journals: Back to School Journal Pages freebie includes 8 writing prompts for the beginning of the school year to help your students focus on happy, positive thoughts and feelings at the beginning of the school year. Prompts include "I like being me because...", "I like my school because...", "These great things happened in the first week of school..." and more. Also included is a super cute cover page for the Journals.

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