Happy Happy Birthday to Sub Hub!

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of my starting Sub Hub. What a ride it has been so far! Never did I see myself starting a subbing blog, but after the urging of friends, families, and teachers who I have never even met, I jumped in. And boy, am I glad I did. I have done my best to embrace subbing wholeheartedly. It sounds cliche, but I want to change the world... at least the world of subbing. Too many classroom hours are spent with a sub in charge for subs to be unqualified, unprepared people. I set out to change that. I urge all subs to treat the job as a profession, and I urge teachers to think of subs as professionals. Oh, and I'd also like world peace and harmony!

Anyway, to celebrate my bloggy birthday, I created a classroom birthday card freebie. Print one out for every student in your class. Then when it is someone's birthday, have the other students sign the card saying what they like about the birthday boy or girl. My thought was to create a sweet momento for the birthday kiddo.

So, pop on over to Sub Hub to grab your freebie and take a look at the first year in the life of Sub Hub.

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