Free Labels!

At the beginning of the year, there are some particular essentials that I must have to help keep my students organized AND keep the ever-so-important lines of communication between home and school open!

My essentials are (but not limited to): 
  • Home/School Folder - sent home daily & returned daily. I prefer daily communication, rather than Friday folders. As a parent of three children, it's hard to get an over-stuffed folder on Fridays with work that my little ones may not even remember. So, as a teacher and parent, I think it's easier to send home whatever needs to go home on THAT day. Granted, there's great pieces of work to display in the hall, or art that needs to dry, or writing that may take a few days to get through the whole process....but you get the gist. 
  • Money/Notes Pocket  - for inside the home/school folder
This year, I am also using writing folders. My Pre-Kinders did not need it...but now that I'm moving on up to first, we are going to need somewhere to store our writing pieces as we are working on them! So, that's another essential to stay organized. 

And...of course, there's the typical essentials to stay organized: student name labels, labels, labels!! 

Today, much to my surprise while I was putting together & making these essentials, I stumbled across the best label designer!! Did you know that Avery (the maker of all the self-adhesive labels) - has an online design and print area on their website?! Am I the only one who has just found this little gem of a free design tool?!?!?!?! If you want to check it out, click HERE. You can create your labels, save them online or to your computer, create PDF's & totally rock it out---so simple!! 

Here's what I made today....

CUPCAKES stands for: Children Using Practical Communication And Keeping Everything Safe! 
The ones I made for my students have their names on them under the cupcake. If you'd like to grab this FREEBIE, click on the photo! They go great with my other Sweet Shop Theme in my TN shop.

I also made this Money & Notes Pocket label for inside the CUPCAKES Folder. The label goes on the zipper pocket with the clear window. No more missing lunch money, popcorn money, book orders, or notes from parents. It's in one safe place, rather than jiggling around the bottom of a backpack! Want this label, too? Just click the photo--it's FREE! 
Lastly, here's the writing folder label. All the labels are made for Avery Shipping labels 58164. 

I hope you get a chance to design some great stuff on the Avery Design and Print Online site. 
It's a great teacher's helper!!!! 

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