FREE Test Prep Tournament - A, B, C, D Cards

Use these free A, B, C, D cards to help your students review for chapter tests, district mandated tests, and state standards tests.  It may be used for any grade and any subject.  Students balance equations in a high school chemistry class, middle school students memorize historical events and facts, and vocabulary definitions are reinforced in elementary school classrooms.  
I have used these A, B, C, D cards with amazing results!  In our state tests, students are deemed Far Below Basic, Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced on the California Standards Test.  When comparing my students’ 2011 scores with me and how they had done the year before, three of my students went up 3 levels (two students went from Below Basic to Advanced and one student went from Far Below Basic to Proficient.)  Seven students went up 2 levels and six students went up 1 level.  Seven students stayed at the same level (one student was Proficient in 2nd Grade and stayed Proficient in 3rd Grade and six students were Advanced in 2nd Grade and remained Advanced with me in 3rd Grade.)
I hope your students have fun using the A, B, C, D cards...

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