Sunflower Journals: Creating Positive Energy in your Clasroom

Have you ever taken a few moments to think about the things you are truly grateful for? I am sure that you could list a number of them straight off. How about trying to list at least 5 everyday? Finding "gratitude moments" in the rush and hectic-ness of everyday life can sometimes be difficult and how often we just race through each day, complaining about everything that has gone wrong, without giving any consideration to the things that are SO right in our lives. 

Even young children can be trained to have a more positive, joyful outlook on life and learn to find "gratitude moments" in the activities and situations of each new day. "Sunflower Journals" are a great way to help your students focus on positive aspects of their own lives. 

Now, as the school year draws to a close encourage your students to look back at the time that has passed and forward to a fun-filled Summer vacation. You can use the "Sunflower Journal" pages that I have created for you to focus on the "gratitude moments" of the year gone by and of thoughts for the vacation ahead. Send your class off on a positive note this Summer by teaching them to look for positive, happy, joyful memories and moments in everyday life! 

May your Summer be filled with "gratitude moments"!
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