Moon Cookies

I'm "over the moon" with how well my class went yesterday!  My high school students had a blast and learned a ton with this fun and engaging astronomy activity to learn the Phases of the Moon.  

I loved watching them work in groups of 2-3 to figure out how to represent the phases of the Moon with Oreo cookies. (Actually... I used vanilla layer cookies because I was too cheap to buy the real thing! But they worked just as well.)  Their textbook doesn't have a very good diagram, so they really had to think about how the Sun, Moon and Earth move and interact and how the movement relates to the Moon's phases. The discussion questions also really had them thinking and I loved listening to them actively discuss what would happen if the Moon revolved around the Earth twice as fast!

Click HERE to grab a copy of the lab (FREE at TpT) for you to use with your own students! 


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