End of the Year Tradition

I have been looking for ways to begin the next year in a positive way.  After reading a post in Coaching Chronicles, I was inspired to start that tradition in our school.  Here is what she said:

"At the bottom of our yellow promotion cards, filled out on every student at the end of each year, the teacher writes something good about the student. The incoming teacher uses that valuable piece of information to make sure that every student feels loved as they enter their classroom on the first day of school in the new year."

I am not sure what the yellow promotion cards are, but I began thinking about how to implement this idea in my school.  I thought I would have each teacher complete a card that started with "I know something good about you" on each of their students at the end of the year.  Then I would give these cards to the teacher(s) that the child has at the beginning of the next year.  That led me to create the following packet (just click on the picture to be taken to it).

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