Simile Rainbow

T.G.I.F!! {Thank Goodness it's Free}  ;)  Happy Friday ya'll... here's a quick lil simile review or introduction- depending on which grade level you teach. My guys loved this sheet... I made it in color, but I printed it in gray scale for my students. They got to  paint it first then use a sharpie marker to write in their sentence. I made sure they were careful not to put too much paint over the type. We used finger paints since they tend to be a little thinner and dry fairly transparent. If painting isn't your thing, crayons and colored pencils would look just as good and of course, there's always colored printers {but there's only 6 weeks left of school and my pockets are empty these days}
Click on the picture to grab your copy! Enjoy!

F is For First Grade

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