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I wish I could do Science Labs everyday in my classroom (Heck - my students wish so too!).  The level of engagement when completing a lab is off the charts!!!  However, I am lucky to get in about 2-3 a week which I know is more than others.  But to ensure my students have an understanding of what they are doing, I needed to put together a lab packet which they used to guide their research when completing the lab.  Additionally, I usually have my students complete the lab in groups of four.  One thing I have noticed is that there is always at least one student who sits back and lets the rest of the group complete the lab and simply copies their notes.  In order to assist with this rare phenomenon (as I'm sure it only happens in my classroom), I have created a Science Lab Peer Group evaluation sheet and Science Lab jobs.  That way, each student is responsible for at least one part of the lab (we rotate the jobs for each lab) and at the end of the lab, the students evaluate each other. I have noticed using this method that all my students are now accountable - which is what I'm aiming for!
Science Lab Packet

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