Fern Smith's Re-Using Easter Candy Containers For Math Center Games!

Fern Smith's Re-Using Easter Candy 
Containers For Math Center Games!

Last year my teenage daughter picks up this Cadbury Gift Egg that had an assortment of candies in it and says, "Mom, this would make a great center game!" :)
She's been hangin' with me too long! ☺
So we added three dice, taped up the side and made it!
Now, depending on what grade you teach, here are some ideas:

1. Order of numbers, greatest to least or least to greatest

2. Addition of three numbers

3. Multiplication of three numbers

4. Calculator activities.....add 3 numbers or multiply 3 numbers, etc.....

I used it for the independent calculator activity and they loved it!
Any other suggestions out there?


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