Adding, Subtracting, Comparing and Ordering Decimals with Base 10 Blocks

Being a secondary math education major, it took me awhile to get used to teaching 6th graders. I also realized that some elementary teachers were in dire need of the best ways to teach math concepts. I decided to write down exactly how I teach some math concepts. I started with decimals. The last freebie I offered introduced decimals using base 10 blocks. Today I put out my first large packet. It gives exact directions on how I teach adding, subtracting, comparing and ordering decimals using base 10 blocks. In this packet is a great cooperative learning game that incorporates adding decimals and then comparing and ordering them. THE LARGE PACKET IS NOT FREE, but the cooperative learning game is a freebie. Thanks! I hope you enjoy!! 
Click on the graphic below to head over to my blog to download it!


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