What do you wonder in spring time?

I started this winter with some picture images that they could "write" about for morning work. One of my blogstalkers suggested I turn it into a powerpoint...which I thought was an excellent idea. Now, I can pop it on the screen and we can chat about it over several days - one slide a day works great. We look at a picture and make several predictions and give our own opinions about what is going on.

This picture of the boys is one of my new favorites...after I show many pictures of nature including flowers, bees, bunnies, rain, pollen, etc... I end with this picture and state "Why do you think they are smiling???" Just imagine what our kids would say - because they won the game, or maybe just because they are good friends and have fun playing together, or maybe one said something silly, or maybe they just got ice cream....the possibilities are endless. I hope you will grab this powerpoint for Free and then, get outside and WONDER.....

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