Jellybean Activities Packet

Looking for some Jellybean activities to plug into your day?
This 53-page packet will help as it includes:
  • Letter home asking for jellybean donations
  • Templates to make jellybean sorting mats
  • 3 graphing extensions
  • A tally skillsheet
  • Class book writing extension
  • Patterning page + 5 other skills sheets
  • Traceable upper and lowercase flashcards perfect for Memory Match games as well as Itty Bitty booklets
  • Traceable number flashcards, including skip counting cards by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's with covers to make Itty Bitty counting booklets
  • An Easter Jellybean poem
  • Guest-imation Jar poster and guessing forms
  • A jellybean bibliography and
  • A certificate of praise bookmark

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