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Guided Reading Data Form

When I am teaching Guided Reading, I like to keep notes about how they aguidedreadingdatasheetre doing so that I have data to evaluate when I am deciding if I want to move them to a new level, or when I am talking to parents about progress (or lack thereof).  So, I have developed this simple form that I complete.  I actually have the students fill in their name, book and level each time we start a new book.  Then, each time students come to Guided Reading, I jot down notes on their sheet (which also has a list of the activities I will generally do with each book).  Once we have finished the book, I file each student’s sheet into the portfolio/binder to be evaluated later.

It’s a simple form, and I have left it editable, so that you can change the activities.  Grab a FREE copy from Google Docs to use in your class.

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  1. How do you use this exactly? Do you just fill in the date for whichever activity/set-up you do that day? What if you do several in one lesson (say picture walk, introduce vocab, in a small group)? Do you just not fill in the remainder of the boxes which you don't use that day?

    1. Exactly - I fill in the date next to whatever activity I do that day. If I do several, than I fill in the date next to multiple. For example, I generally do vocab and whole group reading on the same day, so the date in those boxes is often the same. I also tend to write the vocab we review in the notes box for vocab and circle the words students struggle with, so I can remember exactly which words we were working on and which caused difficulty and need to be reviewed. The boxes we don't use one day, I leave blank until I'm ready to work on those with that group. I have 6 reading groups right now, so some groups I don't see every day and this helps me keep track of that too!


If you find this resource helpful, please leave a comment below! Thanks for paying it forward! -Charity :)

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