Triple Freebie on Animal Report Writing

I have spent all weekend creating these scaffolds for my students' animal report writing.
There are three different formats that you can select from - or download all three and use different ones for different students, or start with one and graduate through them to gradually decrease the scaffolding your students require.

All three writing guides utilise some simple visual icons to assist early readers and writers in identifying the correct sections of the report.

The simplest scaffold is the minibook. Students write sentences (or a sentence) on each page of the minibook and can draw a picture to match on the facing page once it is all stapled together.

Students who are ready to write the report onto one page can use the template. It has the guide printed down the side so that students can write a sentence or two in each section and know what needs to come next.

The third scaffold - the Animal Report Guide - is a paper saving device. (My principal is on to us about the amount of photocopying we do so I am always looking for innovative ways to cut down on paper.) There are three guides to a page so you only need one sheet of paper for three students. Simply cut the sheet into three strips and students glue the strip into their margin. Alternatively you could print them onto card or laminate them so they can be used again and again - saving even more paper!

Please feel free to visit my blog or TPT store use one, two or all three of these guides for writing but let me know how you find them because if they are successful I will modify them for other text types as well.

Happy writing!


The Learning Curve

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