President Report: A Ready-made Assignment

I love to assign themed writing projects to my students but sometimes the prep work to get them out by   certain date is an extra task that sometimes gets lost in the sauce (grades, assessment data, updating bulletin boards, parent communication, updating data binder...). Sometimes a great themed idea might slip by only because time wasn't on my side. With this in mind I am sharing with you a great writing assignment that has everything you need. It has the grading rubric, the student directions, a calendar for you to keep track of oral report dates, AND the best part, information about EACH president to help get your students started. I know for me, this would be a dream come true! All you have to do is pass it out! Download it today and you can get them out to your students with enough time to assign reports to be due before Presidents' Day (or right after).
I hope you enjoy it : ) 

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