It's Writing, Writing, Gotta Get Down on Writing

So, I have the Glee song "Friday" stuck in my head as I write this post.  As you read the title, you should be singing it. ;)

Do your students need a jumpstart to get their brains moving when it comes to writing?  Do they have trouble coming up with a topic?  Do they tell you they lead boring lives and have nothing to write about?  Mine do!

One way to help them out is by using Picture Writing Prompts.  Click on the picture below to get the ones I created to use in my elementary building to get my teachers started.  There is a packet that includes the writing prompts with a solid color background, the same prompts with a white background  (to save ink if you would like to print them), classroom suggestion ideas, student writing paper, and a page of where to find more picture writing prompts.


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