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Hey, all!  Welcome!  The fifth grade math teachers in my building just finished administering and analyzing January's short-cycle assessment.  I was assigned basic geometry vocabulary as the mini-lesson I was to reteach to all of the students.   

For this lesson I created a set of BINGO boards.  I don't know about you, but I always enjoyed playing games at school. I try to create games whenever possible.  Here are 30 different boards, 6 to a page.  Now, I don't make standard BINGO games.  The games I make have every answer on every board.  I figure that the students get more practice this way.  It has always amused me to play "cover-all" with the class and see how long it takes them to realize that everyone will get BINGO at the same time.  :)

The vocabulary covered includes:
  • point
  • ray
  • line
  • line segment
  • parallel lines
  • intersecting lines
  • perpendicular lines
  • skew
  • obtuse angle
  • acute angle
  • straight angle
  • right angle
  • transversal
  • complimentary angle
  • supplementary angle
Click here to head over to my blog and download your FREE game!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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