Super Star Math Recording System

Are you working on basic facts?  Addition, subtraction, multip100_6329_thumb19lication, division?  My students are working on addition, and they take a addition quiz every day.  They have exactly one minute to answer 20 questions. They start with the O’s and 1’s test and once they have accomplished this, they move on and on until they hit the 10’s test. (Then, they start over with subtraction!)

Keeping track of where everyone is and rewarding them for each accomplishment is a piece of cake, because I use the Super Star Math Recording System.  Each time a student passes to a new level, they get to color and cut out their star and add it to the chart on my door.I didn’t want anything where I had to cut out a bunch of stuff – so this puts all the work back on the kids!  (And gets in some fine motor skills practice too!) Grab a free copy of this Basic Fact Reward System on Teacher’s Pay Teachers. There are also moons, clouds, and suns in the packet – in case you don’t like stars!

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