Classroom Management Tool

Are you wanting to start the school year off on a positive note?  This set of caught being terrific tickets are a great classroom management tool I've used over the years to promote positivity in my classroom.  Before the school year begins, I print out a bunch of these tickets, and then have a few of them with me throughout the day.  I pass them out in the hallway, library, recess, or anywhere I see a student following the rules and showing kindness to their classmates. A wonderful thing happens, other students notice and want to be display positive behavior too.   Students who get a ticket simply write their names on the back and place it in a box I have set aside.  At the end of the week, I go to the box and draw 5 or 6 names and they can go to my prize box or earn tickets for lunch with the teacher, free ice cream, or computer time at the end of the day.  Click on the picture above to get your free printable.  


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