Crafts for Mom from Student

Mother’s Day crafts can get pricey and be time-consuming for many teachers. Not to mention the glue, glitter, and chaos that sometimes accompanies it! I prefer to try something different when possible, and preferably something that does not involve the art supplies! As I was trying to think up something that kids would enjoy creating, and something that I would enjoy receiving - I thought of using Wordle to make customized art!

Mother’s Day crafts can get pricey and be time-consuming for many teachers.

In the video, I will show you how to make a word cloud from using words that describe Mom (or whoever the primary caregiver is). If you are a homeschool parent, make sure to “swap” out kids for a day with another homeschool family to create Mother’s Day gifts. Don’t tell the other parent what their kids are going to make. They will be so surprised and delighted when they open this customized present!

For me, one of the best parts of this project is that the students get to come up with whatever adjectives they think describe their mom the best. And then from there, you can expand out to include other synonyms by using reference materials (which is always a handy skill). Students are the creativity behind the words and the design. That part will be the most fun!

Here is a Wordle Worksheet for Mother’s Day Classroom Craft Idea Template for students or parents to use - hopefully that will make things a little more organized in your classroom as the students are brainstorming ideas. Have them come up with the first 20 words, then copy and paste them into the first box option on the ADVANCED site. (This is a change from what the video shows.)

Enjoy and have fun “wordling”! I would love to see pictures of some of the finished creations posted to the facebook fan page if you would like to share!


This article originally appeared at Organized Classroom.

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