Luck O'Writing Activity!

Check out this super fun mid-March activity that is sure to bring out the creativity in your students!  You'll feel like a leprechaun who has hit the pot of gold when you hear the kids' creative writing stories all about everything green!

Here are a few free resources from around the web:

Coloring Pages

Word Searches and Other Word Printables

Creative Writing Kit

I remember doing creative writing assignments as a student in elementary school myself.  I loved being able to sit and just make up a story as I went along. 

Today's writing standards are far more in-depth of course, but sometimes just giving students a bit of time to think outside the box.

Here's a fun idea that is both creative, fun, and will correlate with academic standards in writing if you make sure the writing is formatted correctly, spelling/grammar is counted, and speaking standards if students are orally presenting their finished versions.

Step One:  Prep your Creative Writing Kits This is the most fun part!   Grab some bags or boxes and random trinkets to place inside.

I decided to go with a "green" theme - and I picked up various items from the dollar store.

Step Two:  Give student partners or small groups a bag.  The group is then given a set amount of time to create a narrative story around  the items in the bag.  They can be as creative as they like as long as each item is mentioned within the story.

Step Three:  Each group reads aloud their creation.  One student reads the paper, while another student or students, holds up the items to show the class as they are mentioned in the narrative writing prompt.

Fun, right?   And super easy - I love the creativity that students can come up with while crafting their stories!

Don't forget to grab your free writing template at Organized Classroom too!

What else do you like to do for lesson plans on St. Patty's Day?  Feel free to share in the comments at the blog post.  #sharingiscaring


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