Are you grading all weekend?

Spending all weekend and every weeknight grading papers is not the "after school enrichment" I was dreaming about.  Check out this post and video for some other solutions.

  Take a look at my tip in the video below.

If that might not be an option for you or your school, I also asked the same question over at the Facebook Fan Page, and the fans gave plenty of suggestions as well!  Make sure to grab your freebie eBook to get all the ideas in one place.  Thanks to all the fans who participated in the Collaboration Wednesday question!

  Do you feel like you spend all your nights and weekends grading? If so, I have been there. I have a little tip that worked has worked for me in the past.
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What other tips could you add for taking back the grading time commitment?  We would love to hear in the comments at Organized Classroom!

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