Free Easy Student Product Activity Page for Open House

Looking for some great student products for your Open House display? 

I've got a great math-related activity to share with you! This activity is one that I have used to create a cover page in students’ math notebooks, but it’s such a fun activity that it makes for a great display for Open House or Back to School Night. It’s also a fun way to show students how they can communicate with numbers and an opportunity for students to get creative and show off their individual style.

I give students a guideline for how to format the page and a list of statements to get them started (see below), but the creativity level is left entirely to them. 

As an optional way to present the numbers, you can have students write them in one of the following formats:
* expanded notation- (Example: 10,000 x 1 + 1,000 x 3 + 100 x 5 + 10 x 6 + 1 x 8 days on Earth.)
* expanded form- (Example: I traveled 1000 + 200 + 70 + 8 miles to the beach this summer.)
* mathematical expressions- (Example: My birthday is on the (75 + 30)th day of the year.)

Read the full blog post and find out about my SuperKid poetry-writing and art activity here!

Grab a free copy of the student activity page above here!


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