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Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags

The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation in the United States. This is a wonderful week where we can specifically show all of our teachers how much they really mean to us and our children. This is the week that we can give back to them for all of the hours they put in to enriching our minds. Teachers give so much of themselves; their time, their money, their hearts. Let's give a little something back to them to show our appreciation.  

Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Homemade coupon book - Offer your teachers some help with grading, copying, cutting out, filing, sorting, etc. Giving your time to a teacher will be GREATLY appreciated. This is a great FREE gift idea. 
  • Coffee Mug and a favorite Coffee/Tea {or gift card} - Contrary to popular belief, teachers really do like coffee mugs, especially the travel kind if they are teaching in a younger classroom. Pair a favorite mug with some coffee or tea and some sweetener and creamers and this gift is sure to soar without breaking the bank. 
  • Gift Card to their favorite clothing store - Let's face it, a gift card to a place like Target or Walmart or the Dollar Store will be used on the classroom and your students. So instead, if you plan to give a gift card, give one for their favorite store that will "force" them to spend that money on themselves.  
  • Group Gifts - Go in with the rest of the class families and get something all together. This will help those families who are a bit strapped for cash not feel inadequate. One of my favorite teacher gift was a group gift. I received a new Keurig Coffee machine and a box of coffee with some mugs and a few other coffee & tea related items. It was so perfect as mine had quit working months earlier. It is something that I use every day and would have been too much for just one person to get. 
Now that you have the gift, you'll need some gift tags. Well, I've got you covered with that. Here is a wonderful Teacher Appreciation freebie with several gift tags with some of my favorite teacher quotes. Included are a set of blank tags as well.  

To receive your free set of Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags, click the image below. 

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags FREEBIE - head over to to see why I think teachers are amazing and grab this freebie!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give teachers? Let me know in the comments below. I'll add them to the list! 

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags FREEBIE - head over to to see why I think teachers are amazing and grab this freebie!