Need A Great Project for Black History Month?

I love celebrating Black History Month with my class.  There is such a rich history that we study in class, and my students research many talented African Americans for their research projects.  I really love finding creative ways to display my students' work.  I get tired of traditional poster board research projects.  A few years ago, I began creating freedom quilts with my students.  They LOVE them, and so do I.   Most years my class is large enough that we actually create two.  I give each student a piece of scrapbooking paper to create their project on (or dimensions, in case they want to create a quilt square out of fabric).

I have made a freebie for you including the directions, project description, parent letter, and grading rubric.  It's a fun project, and one I hope you enjoy with your students as well.  Here is the link to my free Freedom Quilt .


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