The Kindness Project

I decided to celebrate the month of December with Gifts of Kindness!  Each day we do one more Kind Deed for someone at our school!  We have written letters to the office staff, delivered candy canes and/or Kindness Rocks to staff members, and taken hot chocolate to our hard working yard duty staff.  
Every time we deliver a "kindness" we return to the classroom and discuss two things:
  1. What was the reaction of the person receiving the "gift of kindness"?
  2. How did it make us feel?
I really want my students to feel the impact of giving!  So far, they love it!

And just as we suspected, kindness is catching!  Our sixth grade friends suprised us with words of encouragement on sticky notes!  We loved reading them!

We decided we wanted to add on to our project by delivering RAK notes to other classrooms and teachers!  If you would like to try this in your classroom, please feel free to download this Freebie!

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