More Halloween Fun from Looks Like Language!

Open ended Halloween fun from Looks Like Language!
I hope you downloaded my cute Halloween open ended game last week and have some fun plans for it, if you haven't already put it to use! This week, I have some game cards for you so you can enjoy some Halloween candy instead of planning.

Candy? Did anyone say candy? I'd just love to have a dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup right about now..... Yum!

Back to the topic- the mission cards for the monsters are open ended in case you have particular work you need to accomplish. If not, and you want that extra time with your chocolate, I have two sets of ready made cards.

The first is a set of WH questions about what we do on Halloween. The second is a naming set for Halloween items that would tie in well to teaching comparing and contrasting.

So, grab your broom sticks and fly on over to my blog! Happy Halloween!