Second Grade: Color by Sight Word Sentences – 004 - FREE


With this cool puzzle your students will not only practice their basic sight words but also enjoy coloring!
This product meets the following Common Core Standards:
RF.2.3.F: Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.

Sight Words from the Dolch Second Grade list included in this packet:
best, its, found, very, buy

After coloring the picture, the student will use one of the words from the code to complete the sentence:
“Second grade is the _______”. (“best”)

The sentence will help the student figure out the word from the context!

I include the puzzle in black and white. I also include a full color version of the puzzle which you can use as the answer key. That makes a total of 2 pages. 

After the children have colored the puzzle, you can cut out the picture portion of the page to decorate your classroom :)

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