Marijuana Student Activity Worksheet

The best activities for students in Health class include those applying basic facts to solve real life problems. I love advice columns. They include a short story (120 words or less) provided by regular people describing a problem they need help solving. If they knew the answer, they wouldn’t be writing to get advice from a so called expert. I have found that a group of students can come up with an answer as good as the experts. What makes them soo… smart? They are not emotionally involved with the problem. Therefore, they can be objective. Most people’s problems can be solved with common sense. Emotionally involved people want an answer that won’t cost them something. In today’s example — they have to give up something to get something. It’s about choosing what is really important. That’s emotional.

Students will be asked to give advice concerning a family problem resulting from Marijuana and Alcohol use. In order to complete the worksheet students will need to know:
1. How Marijuana affects the body.
2. How Alcohol Affects the body.

Sample Teacher and Student Answers are provided.


Have you ever used Advice Columns with your students? 

Will you consider using Advice Columns as a learning tool?

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