Scientific Method

While it's summer break, it's never too early to start thinking about preparing for back to school!  I like to relax over summer, but I also like to start thinking about what I'm going to do differently the next school year and preparing at a slower pace.

One thing that is always on my list each year is science.  How can I include more science?  It just seems that science always ends up taking a back burner to my core subjects.  The best way is to try to implement science right away with the scientific method.  I always read the book Mad Margaret Experiments with the Scientific Method by Eric Braun.  

To help you get a great start in science this upcoming school year, I've got for you this free Scientific Method Outline and posters

 You can either click on the words above to download it directly from Google Drive, or you can head over to my blog and read it about it and download it there for free!

Happy Teaching!

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