Be a Word Collector

Vocabulary is important no matter what subject or grade level you teach!  One of the things I like to do is really spark an interest in words with my kiddos!  I do this through a variety of methods, but one really fun way that I do it is by turning my students into word collectors!

I encourage my students to collect all kinds of fascinating words in their reading and writing journals.  Every once and a while we will pull them out and spotlight one that we think is just peachy!  We express the word, define it in our own language, then illustrate it, and come up with a list of synonyms.  Then we hang it on our wall where we are word collecting!

It's really fun to see the kinds of words that students collect!  Head over to my blog post where you can read about all the fun activities I do to spark students' interests in vocabulary and to download this fun little freebie!

Happy Summer Fun!

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